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My Two Cents... and Three.

So Within the last year I've changed many different ways in relation to pool. One of these is how I view the psychological aspect of it. Now, I'm no hustler and I think it's petty, but, I'm by no means against minor psychological warfare. So, here's a quick list (behind the cut since some people may find them offensive) of t-shirts that I wear when I'm outside the 'normal' tournament style play we all love and hate so much (double elimination, no, single elim, no alternating break, no winner break... endlessly changing)

Ok, quotations denote the words on the shirt, anything attached to the quotes via a "-" will either explain word arrangement or a graphic of some sort.

1 "Legend At Work"-at top front of shirt, underneath there's a picture of Link from Zelda.
2 "Feeling Lucky?"-middle chest with a faded horseshoe printed behind the text.
3 "I Carry No Cash"-top center on front, green shirt.
4 "Rub My Nuts For Luck!"-arched across the chest with a picture of two walnuts faded behind the text.
5 "If No One Will Play With You, You Just Have to Play With Yourself"-front.
6 "Hustler"-Black t with white text in 'blackletter gothic' text
7 "What's In Your Wallet?" white text on black shirt, printed by a friend who own's a shirt shop.
8 "Behind The Twinkle In Your Eyes/I Can See The Bitch In You."-front/back. Quoted from 50 Cent, forgot what song, off of "Get Rich Or Die Tryin". I'd only where this shirt when I know I'm going to gamble with one of the sharks that I don't particularly like. I don't have this one yet, it's being printed (next week i think) once again by my friend at the shirt shop. White text on black T. Originally I wanted to make the text embroidered, but I decided against shelling out a ton of money (compared to paying for just the shirt as it is) in hopes of making it more eye catching. I wasn't about to change the text color to pink or something ridiculous, because then it would just be shrugged off. Subtlety speaks volumes.
9 "I Forgot How To Play"-Black text on white, on the back of the shirt.
10 "Think of Fear.../As The Air You Breath When I'm Around."-front/back black text on front, read text on back, white T.
11 "How's It Look From There?"-white text on black, on the back of the shirt.
12 "No I'm Not Playing The Bank."-black on white, back side.

That's all I've got for now. Feel free to comment/suggest/opinoinate. No flat out bashing. I just wear the shirts, people read them. That's all that happens. Seasoned pool players don't even know you're there when they're playing.
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