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Question for guys

Hey, this might be a little bit off subject, but not completely.

My boyfriend is 30, loves pool (he plays on league 4 nights a week, competes in tourneys for BCA and APA and competes for Vegas...he's been playing for 4 years and is a 6 in 9-ball and a 7 in 8-ball).

He doesn't drink or smoke. He loves football, soccer, baseball, basketball. His very favorite teams are Atlanta Braves and Falcons.

Now, the question...his birthday is coming up. Since you all play pool and can maybe relate to him a bit...
do you have any suggestions on what I could get him for his birthday? Cheap is okay...we're both broke...I don't care if he gets me something worth 50 cents...same with him.

A little more about him...
he asked for a threesome...joking, but would actually like it. You know what I mean. He doesn't expect it. Hehe.
Sex is good and often. My screen name may give you insight on our roles.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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