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BCA Open Qaulifying Tournament, Feb 26th-27th

Here are some details for this tournament if anyone is going. This is one of
only three open male division qaulifying tournaments left to go before the BCA Open in Vegas. The second and third tournaments are being held in wisconsin (on the same day due to a moving up of the date) and in Cropus Cristi Texas.

Date: Feb 26-27
Registrationg info: Open; day of; starts at 10am
Start Time Saturday: Noon
Start Time Sunday: TBA
Fee: 50 dollars plus 20 dollar green's fee;
Cash and check accepted, credit card unkown
Location: Madison, Tennessee JOB's Billiards.
Contact Number: 1-615-868-4270
Hall Owner: Jim Laylock (spelling?)
Hall size: Three rooms, 30 tables, several are diamond smart tables

I don't know that anyone is going for sure but considering the availability of tournaments for the BCA Open, I would assume that this will be a very large tournament. From what I understand there is no cash prize involved but first place does net you a 500 dollar entry fee into the BCA Open, as well as a 500 dollar travel/hotel expense when you check into the Vegas tourny.

Any thoughts/comments/questions just reply and I'll help as best I can. I myself am making (flying by the seat of my pants no less) the trek from WNY all the way to tennessee (staying with family nearby to tourny thank god) and will be in town for the entire week preceeding the tourny so's I can get a fel for things that are going to happen.
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